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Assessment at Aldermoor Farm Primary School

For the latest DFE Performance Tables, click here

At Aldermoor Farm we use DCPro as a means to analyse data and track pupil progress. After the termly assessments teachers input the data and DCPro enables analysis of individuals and classes to ensure that the correct provision is in place.

What does our tracking system mean?

Each child is placed on a curriculum stage reading, writing and maths. Stages relate to the year group attainment level that a child is working against on the new 2014 curriculum e.g.

StagesYear Group
Stage 1Year 1
Stage 2Year 2
Stage 3Year 3
Stage 4Year 4
Stage 5Year 5
Stage 6Year 6

Below, to support parents and carers, we present our Attainment Ladder used to track pupils’ attainment throughout their Learning Journey at Aldermoor Farm.