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Resilient Aspirational Courageous

Music Intent, Implementation and Impact


At Aldermoor Farm Primary School, we believe that music lessons should enable our children to become musicians and develop a love of music. We share the gift of music through a focus on the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to develop our children into courageous performers, thoughtful listeners and competent composers. Our music curriculum also teaches children to be team players and leaders, creative thinkers and problem solvers, as well as enabling our children to feel empowered as they overcome challenges. We believe that music is more than just a source of entertainment, it is a powerful form of expression, developing the mind, boosting self-confidence and encouraging resilience. We know that music connects cultures and generations and celebrate both modern and traditional music from a variety of cultures. We believe that music is for all and teach our children to be musically aspirational.


Our music lessons are taught through Kapow Music and follows the National Curriculum. We teach music weekly across Key Stage 1 and 2 to ensure that children have every opportunity to progress within a unit of work. In Early Years, music skills are taught discretely as well as being woven into other parts of school life.

To ensure that music is accessible for all, guidance is provided in every lesson to support both teachers and children. Videos are used to support teacher knowledge and examples are given for how to support those who struggle with music, as well as ideas to stretch the more able music learners in a lesson. To support all children, our music curriculum follows the spiral curriculum model where previous skills and knowledge are returned to and built upon. Knowledge organisers are also used to support pupils in identifying and remembering the key information from a unit. We share these knowledge organisers weekly to reinforce music vocabulary and recap on previous learning.

All units allow children to sing and use instruments. We have a well-stocked studio with many tuned and untuned instruments as these are the focus instruments of our units. From Key Stage 2 onwards, each year group has at least one whole-class instrumental unit in line with Model Music Curriculum guidance. Our Year 5 children, with support from Coventry Music Hub, spend their music lessons focusing on playing the violin and learning about wider areas of music through an instrument.

At Aldermoor Farm we share music with our children beyond our music lessons. Each year, we take part in Young Voices, create performances to share with parents/carers at Christmas, and our Year 6 classes work hard to put on a special end of year show. Each half term, we celebrate a different musician and their genre through our Musician of the Half Term presentations. We share information with children about the musician and their achievements, then each week, start our lessons with a ‘Do Now’ to share one of their songs and to recap children’s understanding. Our Musician of the Half Term is further celebrated in our assemblies when children have a chance to enjoy the musician’s music together with their key stage. We also facilitate additional opportunities for children who show a great skill or love for music, through supporting private music lessons that take place during school time and directing our children towards enriching music activities.


To ensure that our children meet the key stage expectations, we assess music through audio and video recordings of children throughout a unit and during their final performance. Each lesson includes guidance for teachers to support them in assessing children against the learning objective, enabling staff to identify gaps and inform them of children to support.

Reviews in music include checking for and looking at the recordings of children in their music lessons, learning walks, staff and pupil voice. The information gathered in these reviews is used to inform staff development and adapt our curriculum provision.

Example Knowledge Organiser

Musician of the half term

Progression of Skills

Music – Whole School Overview 2023 – 2024