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Resilient Aspirational Courageous

Geography Intent, Implementation and Impact


Here at Aldermoor Farm Primary school, it is our aim to provide an ambitious Geography curriculum providing knowledge, developing understanding of concepts, making links and creating confident, creative and resilient life-long learners in Geography.

Our curriculum embeds the key knowledge and skills pupils will need to prepare them for the next phase of their learning and provides lessons that will engage and inspire.

We aspire to give children the cultural capital they need for future success by planning lessons which create curiosity, critical thinking and creativity.


Our school geography projects are well sequenced to providea coherent subject scheme that develops children’s geographical knowledge, skills and subject disciplines. These have been carefully planned and mapped out using the Cornerstones scheme. Study of locations have been chosen so they provide a broad and diverse understanding of the world. Where there are opportunities for making meaningful connections with other projects, geography projects are sequenced accordingly.

Most geography projects are taught in the autumn and spring terms, with opportunities to revisit less secure concepts in the summer term.

Knowledge organisers give children the key knowledge they need to remember and a ‘Do Now’ at the start of each lesson helps the children with retrieval practice. Knowledge Organisers are also used to enable children to build links with previous learning and geographical contexts.

When appropriate, we will use primary and secondary sources, use of the outdoor environment and links to other curriculum subjects to engage children fully with their learning.

Across the Key Stages, children are able to carry out field work to make the geography curriculum relevant to their own experiences. For example, a local river study in Year 4.

Memorable experiences are planned out across the year to hook the children into geography topics across a range of locations. For example: Year 2 visit the seaside.

Children who need support in lessons will be given scaffolded resources to ensure they are able to access the Geography curriculum.


Clear evidence of progression will be demonstrated in long term planning, monitoring of books and pupil voice. Through these, there will be evidence of themes being revisited across year groups and key stages.

Assessment tasks at the start and end of each unit and monitoring will support teachers with assessment for learning which will be used to plan the next steps for learning. Progress pauses mid-way through a unit identify areas that may need further consolidation and planning is adapted accordingly.

Example Knowledge Organiser – Autumn 1

Geography – Whole School Overview 2023 – 2024