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Resilient Aspirational Courageous

Maths Intent, Implementation and Impact


At Aldermoor Farm, we encourage our pupils to develop independence, confidence and competence in maths to ensure they are well equipped to apply their learning to the wider world. Through the curriculum, we empower our children to become logical problem solvers, giving them strong mathematical reasoning skills and the ability to think in abstract ways.


At Aldermoor Farm, we follow Ark Mathematics Mastery curriculum. The Mathematics Mastery curriculum is cumulative – each school year begins with a focus on the concepts and skills that have the most connections, these concepts are then applied and connected throughout the year to consolidate learning. This gives pupils the opportunity to ‘master maths’ as they are able to develop mathematical fluency and conceptualunderstanding.

In order to ensure that pupils’ knowledge of calculations is cumulative, we follow the Ark Mathematics Mastery Progression in Calculations. This approach allows pupils to gain a deeper understanding of calculation by using manipulatives and pictorial representations before moving to formal written methods later on in their journey.

Daily maths meetings are held across the school. Their purpose is to consolidate key areas of mathematics and develop fluency in recall of key knowledge. These meetings allow all children to revisit key areas of maths frequently and aid children’s recall.

Digital technology is used to power up the curriculum where meaningful opportunities arise. TTRS is used to develop the children’s fluency in multiplication. All pupils in KS2 have access to Century (AI) which allows children to work on a personalised pathway. This supports to accelerate learning at home and at school.

At Aldermoor Farm, our children are continually assessed by their teachers. Before each unit, children carry out a pre-unit assessment which teachers use to carefully plan the work to meet their needs. In addition to this, we carry out termly assessments. These allow us to monitor the progress of our children and identify any gaps in understanding as they move through each year group. In Early Years, teachers make observations of our children as they complete practical Maths activities. These observations evidence the children’s early Mathematical understanding.


The children will demonstrate that they are confident and independent in fluency, reasoning and problem solving. This will be evident in learning walks, monitoring of books and pupil voice. Children meeting the expected level at the end of each Key Stage and in the Multiplication Check will be at least in line with national expectation.

Maths – Whole School Overview 2023 – 2024