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Attendance Team

Mr Allie
Assistant Headteacher
Miss Sutton
Family Support and Pastoral Manager
Mrs Oram
Clerical Assistant


At Aldermoor Farm Primary we believe that each and every child deserves the very best and each one of our children is special in their own unique way. All of our staff work hard to ensure that every child has the best possible learning journey and working together as a community will help us to be ‘resilient, aspirational and courageous.’ In order for our children to learn to thrive and truly embed the values we hold, they must attend school regularly.

Aldermoor Farm recognises that attendance is a safeguarding matter and that poor attendance may indicate that a child’s welfare is at risk. We also recognise that parents and carers have a legal duty to ensure that children of compulsory school age attend school regularly. Also, within the Public Sector Equality duty, we have the responsibility to ensure that each child has access to the broad curriculum we have to offer, irrespective of disability or other protected characteristic.


  • Ensure that all children attend our school for the maximum time possible and at least to the level of national average attendance
  • Ensure that effective attendance practice is understood and implemented by all staff and is closely linked to safeguarding practice.
  • Promote punctuality in attendance.
  • Support parents and carers in their legal duty to ensure that children attend school regularly.

Legislation and guidance

This policy meets the requirements of the school attendance guidance from the Department for Education (DfE) and refers to the DfE’s statutory guidance on school attendance parental responsibility measures. These documents are drawn from legislation setting out the legal powers and duties that govern school attendance, principally from the Education Act 1996. It has also been written in accordance with the DfE’s Working together to improve school attendance (publishing.service.gov.uk) Summary table of responsibilities for school attendance (publishing.service.gov.uk)

Attendance Register

By law, all schools are required to keep an attendance register and all pupils must be placed on this register. The attendance register will be taken at the start of the first session of each school day and again after lunch. At Aldermoor Farm, the gates open at 8.25 am, children can enter their class at 8:30am. Children arriving after 08.40am will be required to enter school by the front office. Morning registers are kept open until 8:40am; children arriving after this time will be recorded as late. The afternoon register is taken after lunch, no later than 1.30pm.

Absence procedures

Parents or carers must notify Aldermoor Farm on 02476 456272 on each day of an unplanned absence, specifying the reason for the absence by 8.30am or as soon as practically possible. Parents may leave a voicemail if appropriate. Absence due to illness will usually be authorised unless the school has a genuine concern about the authenticity of the illness. When the school is concerned about the authenticity of the illness, we will ask parents/carers to provide medical evidence, such as a doctor’s note, prescription or appointment card. If we are not satisfied, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised in this instance parents and carers will be notified.

Parents/carers must notify the office of absence and not the class teacher or staff on the gate.

Fixed Penalty Notices

The school and local authority will fine parents/carers for the unauthorised absence of their child from school, where the child is of compulsory school age. If issued with a fine or penalty notice, each parent must pay £60 per child within 21 days or £120 within 28 days. The payment must be made directly to the local authority.

We may issue a penalty warning when

  • Ten sessions (5 days) of unauthorised absence over five weeks. This includes being severely late (more than 10 minutes after the registers close at 8:40am) and/or having no reason for absence. This would warrant a penalty warning. If improvement is made, no further action is taken. However, if there is no improvement after a period of 30 sessions (15 days), and the pupil has any further absences, then a penalty notice will be issued.

We will issue a fixed penalty notice (a fine) if

  • You take your child(ren) on an unauthorised holiday during term time.

Strategies for promoting attendance

At Aldermoor Farm, we promote attendance using rewards, pastoral groups, assemblies and meetings with parents and carers. We celebrate attendance in the following ways:

  • When daily class attendance is 100% children are rewarded with a sticker and take part in a class celebration. Classes whose weekly attendance is 95% or higher are rewarded with an attendance activity during the following week
  • Sharing attendance figures with parents/carers on Seesaw and weekly newsletters.
  • Early bird weeks and 100% days

Some children might require a tailored approach to ensuring their attendance is as high as it can be. For example, it includes children who are Young Carers or who have difficulties entering the classroom each day due to underlying mental health difficulties. We will work closely with parents/carers, learning mentors, class teachers and other members of the wider-school staff to encourage and support the transition into the classroom. If you have concerns in this area, please contact the Attendance Lead (Mr Allie) or the Pastoral Manager (Miss Sutton).