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Resilient Aspirational Courageous

Science Intent, Implementation and Impact


Our science curriculum develops learners’ aspirations and resilience so they can strive to achieve the best they can in learning and life. We aim to provide memorable and engaging experiences for our students to promote curiosity and enrich their learning. Our curriculum is carefully planned to ensure a broad and balanced coverage of knowledge, vocabulary and working scientifically skills. We aim for all children to have a strong understanding of the world around them and scientific skills that encourage them to think and work like scientists, giving them opportunities to make links to real life contexts in the world today.


Our science curriculum and enrichment opportunities have been carefully designed to ensure progression of key knowledge, vocabulary and working scientifically skills. To help children remember more, repetition of key learning is encouraged through the regular use of knowledge organisers and low stakes quizzes in each lesson. Feedforward slides are used in each lesson. Staff are supported by the use of Curriculum Maestro when planning science lessons. Weekly science lessons are taught discretely by year groups.


We intend for all children to leave Aldermoor Farm Primary School as resilient, courageous and aspirational learners ready for the KS3 curriculum and life as an adult. Our aim is for pupils to at least reach and ideally exceed the expected standard for science a the end of KS2. Regular low stakes quizzes and pre and post unit assessments are used to assess pupils knowledge, understanding and progress. Reviews in science include book and planning looks, learning walks and pupil and staff voice. This information is collated and used to inform further development and provision for science teaching and learning.

Science – Whole School Overview 2023 – 2024

Example Knowledge Organiser