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Bereavement Support

Bereavement Support

Talking to our children about their emotions has never been more important.  This video may support a conversation with your child if they are dealing with managing feelings in general OR about dealing with a seriously ill family member or a loss in the family.

The Invisible Suitcase | Child Bereavement UK

Other activities that you could try to support open conversations about illness or loss with your child are:

  • Ways to stay connected with family members who are unwell:

PowerPoint Presentation (childhoodbereavementnetwork.org.uk)

  • Ways to deal with the loss of a loved one

PowerPoint Presentation (childhoodbereavementnetwork.org.uk)

  • Thoughts and feelings about those we miss or have lost

Little-Box-of-Big-Thoughts-Electronic-Form-Fill.pdf (theprestonassociates.com)

  • Create a Memory Jar


  • Create a Memory Box


  • Create an Emotional First Aid Kit


  • Create a Beaded bracelet


  • Create a Button tree


For further support please visit:

Child Bereavement UK

Cruse Bereavement Care 

Winston’s Wish – giving hope to grieving children

Alternatively please speak to your child’s class teacher/family support team