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Growth Mindset

Welcome to our school’s Growth Mindset page!

Have a look at how we show a Growth Mindset in school.

Year R have been showing their Growth Mindset by trying things they have found challenging in the past. This is a great way to learn from your mistakes!

Year 1 watched “Austin’s butterfly” and learnt that constructive feedback can be really useful. They then drew some dinosaurs and gave each other feedback. Then they had another go! What a great way to show Growth Mindset.

Year 2 are making their Growth Mindset posters for the poster competition! Winners will be chosen from each year group. Who has made the most eye-catching, informative poster?

Year 2 attempted to make towers out of marshmallows and spaghetti. It was very difficult! They persevered through this challenging task and showed a great Growth Mindset.

Year 2 played some games to make sure their Growth Mindset was evident when they lost!

Year 3 made some beautiful information posters linking Growth Mindset with their topic about plants. Their flowers are growing just like their brains!

Year 4 have been sharing their own stories of success. Trying your hardest and learning from mistakes means you will make progress in the end!

Year 4 have shown their Growth Mindset throughout the year by learning a difficult musical instrument. Keep at it – you will get better!

Year 5 have written and learnt a Growth Mindset rap. We are all looking forward to hearing it in assembly!

Year 6 tried a (seemingly impossible) paper folding challenge today. They showed their Growth Mindset by not giving up! Some of them found it very difficult…

Year 6 tried to write in 3D letters. This is a ‘before and after’. The children’s work improved once they were given some feedback.
2SE are showing what they think Growth Mindset is at the start of their unit.

This week’s thinking: Have you ever found something difficult? What was it? How did you cope?

Thought of the week – just add ‘yet’ to anything you can’t do. “I can’t do this YET!”

These children have been looking at the power of ‘yet’!

Well done for showing a Growth Mindset this week! This child has been having a go at some challenging maths work. Keep it up!

Using clay is difficult so we need to use our Growth Mindset to make sure we don’t give up!

We did some drama sketches outside about the importance of asking for help.

Here are our year 4 stars of the week. They have shown a great Growth Mindset this week by persevering through challenging tasks. Well done!